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Wheels arrangement 2 front steered wheels
1 rear powered wheel
2 front wheels (tilted)
1 rear steered and powered wheel
Body Shell Body and chassis separated.
Chassis: polyurethane foam and carbon-epoxy sandwich
Body: glass fibber-polyester
Chassis integrated in the body.
Steering interface Handlebar Joystick
Breaks Double hydraulic brake system (shoes on the rim) Double hydraulic disk brake system

Length [m] 2.50 2.78
Width [m] 0.70 0.57
Height [m] 0.75 0.61
Track width [m] 0.60 0.50
Wheelbase [m] 1.70 1.50
Weight (ready to race) [kg] 73 32 (Nogaro), 29 (Rockingham)
Frontal area [m²] 0.45 0.254
Cd 0.16 (real car measured in a wind tunnel) 0.075 (real car measured in a wind tunnel)
Tires Michelin radial 45-75R16
Rolling resistance coefficient: 0,001
Michelin 35-406 with tube (Nogaro)
Rolling resistance coefficient: 0,002
Michelin radial 45-75R16 (Rockingham)
Rolling resistance coefficient: 0,001
Fuel cell system

Stack PEM Fuel Cell
PSI technology (with embedded humidification area)
18V - 900W - 9.3 kg
PEM Fuel Cell
PSI technology
18V - 900W - 4 kg
New membrane generation
Custom made endplates
Hydrogen tank One metal hydride canister (HERA)
16g of hydrogen
Two pressured tanks (Carbagas from Air Liquide)
2g of hydrogen at 11bars
Motor and transmission

Power electronics From the Powerpac project Custom made
Motors Two standard DC motors (Faulhaber, 18V, 150W) Two customized DC motors (Maxon, 18V, 150W)
Transmission Belt and freewheel
Speed ratio 17
Gear pair (can be open)
Speed ratio from 16 to 22 (depending on the track)

Tank to wheel efficiency 25% (estimated) 50% (target)
Fuel consumption 2024km/l (5718mpg)
Shell Eco Marathon - July 2004
Rockingham motor speedway
Shell Eco Marathon - June 2005
Michelin Technology Centre, Clermont Ferrand
Official results

French Shell Eco-marathon Nogaro motor circuit 9th overall - May 2004
1st overall - May 2005
Shell Eco Marathon Rockingham/Ladoux 3rd overall - July 2004 1st overall - June 2005

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